Welcome to the 1st blog article for Thyme Collective! For many years we worked on both the brand and agency side helping companies connect with their consumers and find growth. We recently started our own agency – Thyme Collective – creating our own future while continuing to do what we love – creating growth for others.

Join us as we solve business problems for our clients and for ourselves. We will highlight tools & frameworks as well as discuss what we learned, how we’ve solved these problems and how it could apply to your business challenges.


  1. Become comfortable (and we mean really comfortable) with ambiguity & uncertainty
  2. Get a big whiteboard
  3. Develop a POV and share it


A couple weeks ago we were advising a client on brand positioning and content strategy. They asked us how we defined our voice and determined what content to create. Our answer was “Ummmm, yep, we need to do that for ourselves as well.”

Here’s our take on brand voice. The best way we have found to determine your voice and have a POV is from a point of authenticity. Consumers are more analytical and media-savvy consumers ever. Quick to ferret out brands that speak without action, they look for companies that behave consistently in line with values and purpose.

When we reflected upon what would be 1) interesting and helpful to our audience and 2) where we have a strong opinion, we thought for us, talking about our work helping others accomplishing their goals would be a great way to develop content.


Authenticity is key. Brand voice is one area where you cannot fake it until you make it.

When I worked with Lowe’s to improve their relationship with millennials we determined it would be through living Lowe’s purpose of helping people love where they live. This became the UpSkill program ( It was constructed to empower homeowners with the confidence to take on home improvement projects and the ability to shape their homes and transform their lives through skill-based learning. Very authentic to Lowe’s purpose, on-target with what their consumers are looking for.

A program like this is great but the reach of 1:1 or even 1:few is not efficient. So, we coupled the program with Millennia’s love to share and leveraged it as a content driver. Through the stories of how people transformed their self-confidence through learning the skills to transform a space, Lowe’s was able to develop and distribute great content speaking about a topic that added value to their consumers lives with emotional stories. Much more impactful than another 10 Steps to Updating Your Kitchen piece.

This program won the 2018 EX Awards Gold Winner – Best Millennial Campaign.


  1. Is the content we create useful to our consumers? Or are we talking about ourselves?
  2. Are we speaking authentically? Does our voice match who we are as an organization?
  3. How can we provide more value to our consumers through content strengthening our relationship with them?


A friend of ours has found her authentic voice. Karen Jaw-Madson we are so excited to read your first book! Find it here


Thyme Collective is a small, flexible consulting firm that works with our clients to create emotional connections with consumers across the entire brand experience. We specialize in Brand Behavior and Innovation Strategy. Whether for large scale engagements or short sprints, we are here to help you realize your growth objectives.

If we can ever be of help to you, even outside of a formal partnership, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We always love connecting with like-minded people.

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