Connect With Your Consumers Through Brand Behavior

We are a small, flexible consulting firm that focuses on brand behavior creating emotional connections with consumers across the entire brand experience. Whether for large scale engagements or short sprints, we are here to help you realize your growth objectives.


Everything we do starts with your consumer. If your offering doesn’t work for them, it will never work for your business. We understand solutions must work within business and category realities. Our approach is grounded in firm understanding of your consumer and your business needs. We efficiently identify real opportunities and craft approaches to connect with consumers – then we help you achieve it.


Thyme Collective: for sheer creativity, quality and responsiveness of output, flexibility of work process or simply being able to choose the right teams for a given need; we can help at a moment’s notice.

Meet Our Team

Raechell Thuot

CEO Founder

Marc Smathers

Principal - Agency

John Peters

Principal - Consumer

Joe Knott

Principal - Supply Chain

Brad Dickman

Principal - Product Supply

“I’ve worked with many agencies throughout the world.
I’ve found Thyme Collective to be one of those special agencies you wish all the
others were like.”

Our Clients

Throughout our careers we have been honored to partner up with these clients.

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